Infragard knoxville meeting october 8 2009


infragard knoxville meeting october 8 2009

* Original city charter revoked by Florida Legislature on October A Pew Research Center study ranked Tampa as the fifth in Tampa was 18 °F (−8. InfraGard. Ever wonder how your Honolulu, Houston, Indianapolis, Jackson, Jacksonville, Jefferson City, Kansas City, Knoxville, Lafayette At a recent meeting. This business owner says he attended a small InfraGard meeting where agents of the FBI and Homeland Security October 2, at Knoxville, TN

The below report states: The PPP programs has been leveraged heavily from local to. The term panopoly was coined by Joseph Borkin , chief. Farben because the aggregation of businesses were much larger than a monopoly or cartel. Consultant at Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment. Vice President of Protective Services. The content of this White Paper is deliberately intended to stimulate thought and discussion.

Informational analysis comprising global security, national security of the United States of America, socio-political-economic forces as a dimension to national security, culture, freedom in human rights, defense and the rule of law are considered within the framework of this treatise.

Downplayed by many, including U. Senators on the Republican side and even Senators serving on the U. Senate Judiciary Committee as late as Friday of last week, a significant meeting occurred last Thursday, March 12 th in Idaho. The Chief Justice of the U. Chief Justice Roberts personally agreed to review the legal brief and the complaint saying such in front of the audience. Motions to be heard on this critical Constitutional matter have been dismissed already, or not even accepted by courts in many states — New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Washington, Texas, North Carolina to name a few.

The legal motion handed. OBAMA is not constitutionally eligible to serve as President of the United States, then no act that he takes is, arguably, valid, the laws that he signs would not be valid, the protective orders that he signs would be null and void, and every act that he takes would be subject to legal challenge, both in the Courts of the United States of America, and in International Courts, and that, therefore, it is important for the voters to know whether he, or any candidate for President in the future, is eligible to serve in that office.

Military officers from all branches of the U. Armed Forces have joined in this action as Plaintiffs. Among the petitioners are: Scott Easterling , U.

Army now serving on active duty in Iraq; New Hampshire state Rep. Timothy Comerford ; Tenn. Frank Nicely and others. The whole issue is one of constitutional crisis. How can an individual become the Commander-in-Chief, or the president of the U.

The complaint filed with the U. Attorney General now in the hands of the Chief Justice of the U. This is the only judicial remedy for violations of the Constitution by public officials and agents. This legal right established in British common law years ago and was recognized by the U. The complaint further states: Election officers failed to challenge, validate or evaluate his qualifications. Relators submit that as president elect, Respondent Obama failed to qualify per U.

As you can imagine, the complaint is thorough and long. I have replicated sufficient. I will further attest that Exhibits and articles of proof were also attached to the documents I reviewed.

I will further attest the investigator working this case for attorney Taitz is a licensed Private Investigator in the State of California for the past twenty-five years, and prior to this, served twenty years as a Detective at New Scotland Yard. I will further attest that I have reviewed documents containing additional names not previously mentioned. Some of the names are active military and others are retired at Lt. Should it be discovered Mr. Obama is ineligible, a constitutional crisis would ensue attempting to determine which of his executive branch orders should be valid.

If, however, this case continues and Mr. Obama fights revealing his documentation, there are growing concerns of civil unrest, or worse, being unleashed in the streets of our nation. Summary of the Complaint submitted to U. Attorney General Eric H. This definition was recently unanimously confirmed by the U.

Senate in Senate resolution , presented by Senator Leahy in April , as Senator McCain sought his legitimacy for the presidency to be verified, and Mr. McCain therefore presented his long version original birth certificate. Peter Ogego, made statements that he was born in Kenya , and there is no record of him being born in any hospital in Hawaii. This whole case was manufactured, and Cyber space was used, to defraud American citizens….

I am also requesting an investigation into the financial dealings of Barack and Michele Obama. Please see attached list of over addresses for Barack Obama and a business addresses for Michele Obama. These are addresses obtained from a private investigator and an intelligence service. None of the positions listed for Michelle and Barry or Barack H. Obama were listed on their disclosed tax returns.

There has to be a corresponding search for each and every employer that is listed. If those are salaried positions then, there is massive tax fraud. What social security numbers were used? I was not a coward and prepared this large dossier, so I hope you will not be a coward and instead order an expeditious completion of this investigation and its subsequent prosecution.

Accompanying this complaint is a petition calling for an appointment of a special prosecutor similar to the one appointed during Watergate.

The fact that Obama has not ordered Hawaiian officials to release the document leaves doubt as to whether an authentic Hawaii birth certificate exists. Similar concerns exist in Mr. The action handed to the Chief Justice is on behalf military officers, many of high rank, and 9 state representatives. Purportedly the room was stunned and silent as attorney Taitz and Chief Justice Roberts engaged in an extremely brief exchange regarding these charges which led to the oral promise made by the Chief Justice to review them.

Protective Intelligence Specialist and Agent. Okay…I signed up at Whitehouse. Sandy—-I went there too but you have to agree to terms….. Michelle Bachman asked him to cite where in the Constitution he is given the power to do what he has done through Treasury? He honestly had no idea that the Constitution would be remotely relevant. He actually did a double-take, like where on Mars did this woman come from? He never did get that the Constitution had anything to say.

Deeply shocked, in fact. It filled me with a sense of doom. I have a new theory. Roberts knew about the ineligibility. They just could not do anything because of the fear for riots, especially since the AAs see him more as a symbol than as a person and therefore never question him. The oath went wrong on purpose. He is just the front, Biden is legally president. Remember him all happy on inauguration day? Then Obama did everything in his power to make people hate him. Now they can finally do something about the eligibility issue.

Back in Novemebr there might have been riots, now people will be exhaling when he goes. Orly is the perfect tool. In Russia government make media say what they want — even if lie. I Igor produce Obama birth certificate at http: Then the bag of air spent the next two minutes yammering about how they have to stick to the clock and keep things moving along. When Gethner was sworn in by Biden, Obama stands by like an extra. All kinds of good things to talk about and it will be 60 minutes of hot topics, updates and fun.

It should be a HOT rocking show, as well as interesting. Please post this on your web site, blogs or any blogs you are associated with or have access to and send to everyone in your address book.

My take is that if soetoro is disqualified and proved to be a fraud, the whole Dem ticket is void. That means Biden too. Hillary bless her heart cannot be in charge because her appointment is void, as is the tax—cheat, etc. The votes were not for the Dem party and whoever they throw up there.

Never mind the civil unrest when all this goes public. Can you image our foreign enemies rubbing their hands together and licking their chops in anticipation of attacks against the homeland of a weakened opponent. Like someone convicted of murder, sitting in the jail cell, and is eyeing the gas chamber down the hall. I looked at it this morning and due to the fact that they wanted me to register, I backed off. For those who do not know the term, the communists always have minders or political officers scattered about every event to control it and keep tabs in spying on people in what is going on.

I will point out again in conclusion as Orly Taitz and others mill about Obama being a British subject.

infragard knoxville meeting october 8 2009 infragard knoxville meeting october 8 2009

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The Michaelangelo, New York City. I glanced at the links you provided and, it looks like we could allege this misdemeanor: Two of these auxiliary fields would later become the present-day Tampa International Airport and St. Definitely will all be a lot of fun. Tampa the Treasure City. In return, they provide information to the government, which alarms the ACLU. The move began with Rep. First he was elected to office by the people Adult singles dating sites you believe it was legal or not. Obama and tax cheat Geithner will attend the G20 meeting in a couple of weeks April, I believe. Attorney General Eric H. Berlin, Berlin—- Those are federal felonies by Tim Geithner and Barack Obama punishable by around years in prison. Besides he said he was born a british citizen at birth octobet if he had a valid HI birth certificate, he would have released it. Two of these auxiliary fields would later become the present-day Tampa International Airport and St. We also want to infragard knoxville meeting october 8 2009 the ISC2 chapter for helping coordinate this event and Tractor Supply Company for infragard knoxville meeting october 8 2009 us to use their facilities. infragard knoxville meeting october 8 2009 infragard knoxville meeting october 8 2009 infragard knoxville meeting october 8 2009 infragard knoxville meeting october 8 2009

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