Free meeting space nyc


free meeting space nyc

Reviews on Free meeting space in New York, NY - OFFSITE, Rise New York, Wix Lounge, SoHoSoleil Locations, Workville, Quest . Affordable and unique event spaces & meeting rooms in New York, Event Spaces and Meeting Rooms in New York, Ledian Space NYC. Citizens Committee for New York City helps New New York provides free listing of available office/meeting space for NYC Our Nonprofit Resources. free meeting space nyc

I did my first public seminar in Norfolk, Virginia this week and had 51 paid attendees. To keep my costs down, I did a trade-out with a local non-profit. They provided the meeting space and all refreshments and I let them send 4 staffers for free. Though I hate to travel, I will consider doing this in other cities and piggybacking public seminars onto other paid speaking engagements or consulting assignments.

Do any of you have tips on how to find free or inexpensive meeting rooms? Find out where the local Toastmasters-Rotary-Kiwanis clubs meet. They are usually a good source for inexpensive rooms. I often hold my seminars, as well as the occasional "banquet," in churches. Fees are usually very minimal -- often only a set-up and cleaning fee.

Just this week I set up a year of monthly meetings at a local hotel for no fee at all. We offered them "sponsorship" status and inclusion of the name of the hotel on certain of our products. We have a few associations here that will "sponsor" the event and send out info to their members. Many times, the associations will offer snacks, etc.

Another option is to have a company host the event. In both the sponsor or hosting situation, the organization actually may help you fill your class. I found libraries to be a valuable source of very nice meeting rooms that are usually free, or at a nominal cost. Sometimes the library will let you set up a coffee service in the room, or now many larger libraries have a great coffee cart where participants can pick up a specialty coffee and bagel on their own.

Ask the hotel, non-profit organization or public facility college or high school space to trade: It helps to approach someone who has attended your presentation. Some will get inspired to help promote your session to their key publics. I often use a room at one of the local churches.

It is not in the basement but on the main floor. I have the same environment when I rent classrooms at one of the universities. How about Assisted Living Facilities? Some of them near us have very nice rooms that they will rent inexpensively. For example, I just rented a room last night for an evening meeting. It is beautiful, they will provide a lectern and microphone, it has a kitchen that I can use, and I can bring my own food and drink.

And that is in NJ where meeting space is one of the highest. I have found these spaces work well for clients coming from the small business sector and for consulting clients flying in for the day. You may also look into them for local NSA chapter meetings. It is not affiliated with the National Speakers Association. Send comments or suggestions.

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free meeting space nyc free meeting space nyc free meeting space nyc

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Just this week I set up a year of monthly meetings at a local hotel for no fee at all. Some Data By Acxiom. Citizens Committee for New York City helps New Yorkers, especially those in low-income areas, come together and improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods. They provide fiscal sponsorship to projects aligned with their mission. In need of a FREE meeting space for at least 20 people. Tu, Wed, Th only. free meeting space nyc

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